IQ Game !

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-- How to Play --

Take away red balls as many as you can, or leave them as many as possible ( greater than 8 ).

1. You can move the ball by jumping over another ball, and these balls must be in line.

help1.gif (3905 bytes)

2. And then you have taken away a ball !!

help2.gif (3787 bytes)

  • Click and drag the ball you want to move.
  • Move the ball to the place ( hole ) you want to put in. ( The ball will follow your cursor now ! )
  • Release the ball in the hole.
  • You will see the change !
  • Click "UNDO" and "REDO" anytime you want. ( This game is not a matter of life and death. :-) )
  • Click the "NEW GAME" button anytime, and you can start a new game. ( The hole will be chosen randomly. )

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